Cheese and Migraine Dilemma

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Cheese is one of many people favorite's food. Cheese can be eaten alone, or in the mixing with other food like pizza and salads. Cheese also contains many god nutrients because it was made from milk. As one of dairy product, cheese has a high amount of protein and calcium.

For some people, eating cheese can cause headache. This cannot be detected promptly, because only some people get headache and one must eat cheese just to know he had that cheese-eating problem. Cheese is almost everybody favorite food. If it were ok for some people, why would it hurt another? So people would not be suspicious that cheese is the reason behind their headache-migraine for specific.

Cheese, along with red wine, bean and peanut butter, is one of the foods that have been associated with migraine to some people. Eating migraine trigger food may cause changes in blood flow on the brain. Those changes are responded by our body as a migraine headache. Until now, the exact mechanism of migraine still remains unsolved.

How can cheese cause migraine?

The substance that causes migraine in some people is called tyramine. It is a result of protein in food breaks down as food ages or other food process like fermentation. Cheese is one of the aged foods.

Cheese is made of milk. Cheese contain high tyramine can be seen in the cheese texture. Aged cheese has hard texture and contains highest level of tyramine. Soft cheeses like cottage cheese and cream cheese are fresh and not aged cheese, therefore we can hope that they are tyramine free.

Now, it is a dilemma when you like eating cheese but getting migraine after doing so. The migraine process in your body cannot be cure. It only can be avoided or reduced the symptom.

Choose a non-aged cheese when you feel like you cannot resist the cheese temptation. The taste will be slightly different if you are a fan of an aged cheese, but for your health, it can be fewer problems.

Prepare migraine treatment before you eat your favorite aged cheese. Over the counter medicine can reduce pain during the migraine effect. Take aspirin for the headache relief. Other may find better pain reducing with Ibuprofen or Ponstan. The other less side effect drug for migraine is Naproxen. Use the drug to lower the pain after you eat cheese. Beware not to do it too often. It's better to prevent migraine than cure it.

Last tip, if you are getting migraine easily after eating cheese, do not combine cheese with wine because wine is also a high tyramine food. Try a healthier choice like tea.

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