The Nutrient Scandal. 3 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Fruit And Vegetables.

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Fruit and vegetables are very important in the human diet, this is due to their high nutrient density. Nearly all the micronutrients that the body requires can be obtained from this food source. Micronutrients include vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, etc and these are essential for good health. Now the most important thing when dealing with micronutrients is that the source must be fresh. Any health recommendations are based on the assumption that you are consuming fresh produce. This means that it isn't frozen, dried, packaged, bottled, etc.

Nutrient quality is depleted through a number of means including time, heat, freezing, microwaving, etc. Therefore nutrients can seriously lack in a common diet since the fruit and vegetables arrive in a nutritionally depleted state and then are further depleted during meal preparation. Bad preparation, poor cultivation and long storage times all make it nearly impossible to get the essential nutrients from even a well-balanced diet.

3 reasons why you should grow your own fruit and vegetables

1. Produce on the supermarket shelves may not be as fresh as you think

Anything that is packaged, bottled or frozen is going to lack in nutrients. Even the so-called 'fresh produce' may not be up to standard. This is because storage times may range from anywhere up to a few months.

2. You don't know how much care is taken when grown

Plants obtain a lot of their nutrients from the soil they are grown in. Therefore 'how' they are grown is going to have a big impact on nutritional quality. The problem is in the soil, to really create nutrient-rich produce adds a lot of extra cost to the producer. A lot of what is made available to us is grown in nutrient depleted soils so this makes a huge quality difference.

3. Herbicides and pesticides

Of course the chemicals used on our produce are tested for safety, it is more the large cocktail of these herbicides and pesticides in the diet that can create a problem. The chemicals used are designed to withstand the weather so the produce is still covered when it reaches us and must be thoroughly washed before consumed.

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