Silk Or Satin To Make Your Lingerie Dreams Come True

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Silk or satin lingerie must be one of the top ten things on most ladies wish list but which is best, smooth shinny satin or soft delicate silk. Satin is cheaper and looks great even after being washed almost to death whilst silk feels gorgeous against the skin. Both fabrics look and feel deliciously feminine draped over the body so which one should you choose? It all depends upon your own personal preference but both materials have their own benefits.

Silk is a purely natural creation, light, soft and lovely to wear. It looks and feels out of this world which makes it perfect for both lingerie or elegant nightwear designs. Although it is slightly more expensive than satin you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it is in fact quite inexpensive these days. This is due in some part to modern production techniques and the mix of other man made fibers that are now used to make today's silk more durable. You can of course still buy some beautifully exquisite lingerie and nightwear in pure silk but expect to pay a premium price for such decadent luxury.

Over the years satin has become more and more refined as a modern man made substitute for silk. Used to mass produce lingerie, slips and slinky nightwear of all kinds, satin is perhaps one of the most versatile fabrics in use today. Lingerie lovers adore satin for the way it feels as it slides over the skin and the way it shines in the light. It may have something to do with satin being thicker than silk and how it feels more tactile against the body or just the presence of its silky softness under layers of clothing. In fact some types of satin can even rival silk in their delicate look and light gentle feel. These fabrics which are generally described as silk satins contain a mix of polyester satin and pure silk. They look and feel just like pure silk but are a lot less expensive to buy. If you love the caress of silk with the price of satin then this is the fabric for you. There are some stunning ranges of lingerie and nightwear made in this silk satin fabric using just about every colour in the rainbow.

In the not to distant past satin was more nylon based and didn't look or feel anywhere as silky as it does these days. In fact the lingerie of the 50s and 60s was made in either nylon satin or pure silk. The latter being the reserve of the rich and famous only. Having said that there are people out there who still love the feel of smooth silky nylon next to their skin. They love to wear those long semi see through nightgowns that float and flare in yards of soft nylon right down to the floor. Some of the more mature ladies still love to wear long slinky nylon full slips especially the one's with the built up shoulder straps. All these styles believe it or not are still readily available from a large number of online lingerie stores.

The bottom line is that whether you prefer slinky satin or soft delicate silk you can enjoy the luxury of either without spending the family fortune. The selection of silky satin lingerie and nightwear available today is in fact huge. From silky little pieces of feminine nothingness through to long elegant nightgowns in pure silk trimmed with delicate satin ribbon. Everyone deserves a special treat now and again so why not splash out on yourself for a change. You can buy all these pretty silken delights in total confidence from online lingerie stores and they will deliver direct to your door.

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