A Subject And His Personality

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The challenge to all portrait painters is pleasing the beholder as well as having the ability to fix on a canvas a typical posture and other details that capture the subject and brings it to life even if there is a need to use the tiniest of brush strokes. According to her clients, one female portraitist has the ability of bringing her subjects to life. Still, her portfolio consists of happy, relaxed, moody, aristocratic, alert, and sensitive faces that are not human ones.

Normally, what she specializes in is painting portraits of dogs, horses, and cats but what she would like to try is painting other kinds of animals. When she works, it is usually in the studio in this tall and slender woman's home located in the Maplewood section of the borough. She has always loved animals, and so about five years ago she thought why not put the two together.

She has a new project involving a horse running across a field because she now paints the entire animal unlike in the past when she only painted the animal's heads. Interesting compositions is what they make according to her as she has created two or more even if the typical portrait is of a single animal. She paints pets for people and when they tell others about it these people then ask her to paint more than one of their pets.

With three wolfhounds a woman commissioned a portrait for each one of them. Each one is completely different, just like people. Whenever she has a trip to dog and horse shows, she brings along her business cards, portfolio, and camera. One of the essential elements when it comes to animal portraiture is a knowledgeable use of a camera for you will not have a model here that will be agreeing to hold still and pose for you. What she does is shoot one or two rolls of film for each subject and then paints using these pictures. If possible, she would like to handle the animal aside from spending time with it in order to see the true color of its coat and to perceive its character.

Aside from this she also likes to see how the owner is with the animal and vice versa. What she tries to capture as closely as possible is her view and their view of the same animal. When it comes to portraits, it is important to present the correct conformation of the animal and a key feature that conveys the personality of the animal is the expression in the eyes.

For show animals especially, conformation is an important thing. Aside from being familiar with a lot of animals you should also know what kind of conformation is correct. From something like animal portraiture, the rewards are great. When she unveiled it for him, he was so pleased he couldn't stop chuckling and shaking his head.

There are some people who order the portraits as gifts for animal lovers and other commission portraits of their own beloved pets. Owners consider the portraits to be a special keepsake according to experts after the death of the animal. She was able to paint a portrait of a deceased pet in the past as photographs alone can be used by artists in creating these portraits if the pictures are good enough.

Oils, pencil, and pastels are what she uses when she works. One project at a time is the way she works. It is not advisable that an artist works under pressure and so she avoids providing time frames. What she will work on in a month is one or two portraits. After finishing each painting, she takes a break since painting can take a toll on the painter and even if she does try to paint everyday she still takes a break during the weekends.

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