Hiring A Budget Wedding Photographer?

by Sergiy Rulikovskyy - Date: 2010-09-17 - Word Count: 421 Share This!

Wedding Photography accounts for almost 10 % of the entire budget of the wedding. Does this mean that those looking for services of a professional wedding photographer, but planning a budget wedding have no hope? Certainly not! All you have to do is tweak your search a little. Instead of hiring a wedding photographer, hire a 'budget' wedding photographer. All that brouhaha about having to pay through your nose for a wedding photographer is just a plain and simple example of over pricing.

Just because you are on a budget wedding plan, does not mean you cannot get great pictures without having to compromise on quality. It all boils down to how effectively you can find a good photographer (one, who would help you with the best stills) and how well do you manage to get the best deal.

When you are looking for budget wedding photography, make sure you are honest about it to the photographer. Tell him about your budget and get a reasonable quote. Although photographers offer their services in packages to suit every customer, if you have set you mind at a particular package ask him if you decide to take something off, would he reduce the price. There are some photographers who would accommodate couples looking for budget wedding photography by allowing you make a lump sum onetime payment rather than pay in installments and providing a discount on the price.

When asking for a budget quote, try and sound confident. You aren't doing anything wrong when negotiating the price. The most that the wedding photographer would do is say 'no'.

While it is important that the budget shouldn't be disturbed, at the same time you do not have to compromise on the style that you want. It's the most important day of your life and being too budget conscious would not get you the desired result that you always cherished.

If it's not impossible to find a photographer who would help you with budget photography, it's not that easy as well. So remember, if you have planned a budget wedding and are looking for one who wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket, search for one well in advance. Once you've located him, you would need to discuss the price and other details. Searching for one in advance would give you enough room for finding the best deal.

Another place to find for budget photographers is the internet. There are many photographers who may offer special discounts .If you are lucky enough, you might strike a deal with no compromise on quality.

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