32 Bit Images-Stunning New Style Of Photography

by David Rankin - Date: 2007-01-12 - Word Count: 249 Share This!

The new version of Photoshop which came out last year offers a whole new feature which allows photographers to take 32 bit images. HDR (high dynamic range) photography or 32 bit images allow the photographer to capture a much wider range of tones in the picture. This means a picture can contain shadow detail as well as details in the highlights or brightest parts of the picture.

First of all the photographer has to take a series of pictures of the scene he wants to photograph. The exposure must be bracketed so that all the tones in the shadows and highlights are captures. If the exposure is 1/250 th second at F8 then you take a picture at this exposure then a couple of pictures opening up the aperture by one stop at a time ie F8 and F5.6, and then 2 more exposures stopping down or closing the aperture to a smaller setting ie F16 and F22.

You then use Photoshop or a Photoshop plugin called Photomatix to open these exposures and blend them together using a process called tone mapping. This means the wide range of tones in the pictures are converted into one single image. Photomatix is more powerful than Photoshop and it gives you a preview of how the final image looks. Here is an example of a 32 bit image http://www.32bitimages.com/?p=22

The picture looks more like a painting than a photograph . Hopefully this article will inspire all you photographers to go out and try this for yourself

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