Factors In Becoming A Plus Size Model

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There is a vibrant world of opportunity for plus size models in the United States and Europe. If you are interested in the possibilities of becoming a plus size model, you need to know what factors are involved in the process and that is exactly what we cover here.

The issues a woman is required to deal with as a plus size model are pretty much the same as those a petite model needs to deal with. You must have the appropriate body type the agencies are looking for. This means you need to be taller. From 68 inches up is the generally accepted norm in the industry.

Your body size and type is also important. A plus size model can be as small as a size eight, which is a surprise to many applicants. The upper end of the scale can see sizes of 30 plus. In truth, most agencies are looking for sizes in the 10 to 16 range, but there are always exceptions.

As far as body type goes, you can have any shape so long as it is proportional. The big advantage of plus size modeling over petite sizes is the designers tend to have a body type in mind and each one is entirely different. Put another way, there is a designer out there somewhere who has your body type in mind, which means you have work!

One area where plus size and petite models face the same issue is in quality of the face. Your face should be beautiful or striking. Your skin should be smooth and clean. As with any modeling position, a poor complexion is going to be a problem. Finally, you should emphasize something about your face that becomes your signature mark. It might be your smile, eye gesture or some other aspect, but you want to be unique.

One area where plus size modeling beats petite modeling is in the lifespan of the model. For petite models, reaching the age of 27 is considered being an old hag and the end of most careers come pretty quick. This is not the case with plus size modeling. It is common to work into your thirties because this tends to be the target market of consumers.

So, are you home free if you fit all of these standards? Sorry, but not. Modeling is a brutally competitive field. Yes, this is true for the plus size niche as well. You will need to be tenacious and have a lot of perseverance. It is common to hear a hundred "no's" before you hear one "yes". The good news is that one "yes" can be all you need to launch a successful career as a plus size model.

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