Dialaphone has world's First official photos of the LG Prada phone!

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Everyone wants to keep up to date with gossip, especially when it comes to fashion and the world's most desirable brands...

So, to keep you up to date, Dialaphone has acquired permission from LG to give you all the details on their latest collaboration, with Prada. They've created a phone with that famous brand to give you, the fashion conscious, the chance to show your style awareness to the world.

It is a unique concept phone which is in a completely different class to the recent release of the "Dolce & Gabbana" Motorola phone. That phone was just an attempt to cash in on the brand by just re-branding the existing Razr phone. In contrast, this one is a completely innovative design with only the structural barebones being adapted from a yet to be released LG phone. This is a major reason why Dialaphone has chosen to distribute the LG Prada phone and not the D&G phone.

The barebones structure and construction is shared with the soon to be released LG KE 850, with a few choice modifications. What's been done to this phone is what truly sets it apart from other phones, similar to the difference between a standard car and one that's been modified for James Bond. Firstly, the phone will bear the Prada label as opposed to the LG label and it will have a unique Prada styled user interface. The entire package will be completely branded with both the Prada label as well as Prada packaging and design.

The Prada phone will be distinctive for its lack of keypad, a feature associated with typical phones. In place of the keypad, is a fashionable Prada-styles touch screen display. It is sure to start trends in other phones with its sleek look. This lack of keyboard was first seen in the trend-setting LG Chocolate range of phones.

With the skills of the Prada designers going to work on the design of the phone, it has emerged as a minimalist phone. It's definitely a phone for the truly refined fashionista. It has been designed to show timeless style with a pristine white on sleek back interface. To round off the package, the phone will come encased in a luxurious leather case designed by Prada.

While there have been a few rumours doing the rounds, that the LG KE850 is a working version of the eagerly awaited Apple iPhone, we know this is completely untrue. What we do know is that the Apple iPhone will have both 4GB and 8GB models where the KE850 has less onboard memory than that.

Dialaphone has not completed the confirmation of the prices for which this phone will retail, but you can be sure that it will be in the elite part of the mobile phone market. People who are contemplating acquiring such a trendy piece of technology should look to the Nokia N80 or the Sony Ericsson W950i for guidance on price though. This is in contrast to the D&G Motorola is being retailed for a far higher price, but without giving as much value. It is also expected to retail at Dialaphone for a lower price than the original Nokia 8800.

Dialaphone will be one of the retailers privileged to sell this remarkable accessory that is sure to become the next must-have piece of technology in the New Year. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait till March or April to get your hand on the trendsetting LG Prada phone.

For more information click on this link: http://www.dialaphone.co.uk/blog/

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