Toilet Training Boys - 3 Things That Make a Difference

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Are you getting ready to potty train a boy? Are you already in the middle of training a little guy? Is he cooperating? Or is he excited one minute and bored with the process the next?

Toilet training boys can be quite the adventure. I know. I've trained two little boys. And since generalizations don't always hold true, not all toddler boys will react exactly as I'm going to describe.

Still, when it comes to potty training tips for boys, these 3 things are what you need to know first.

1. Boys often prefer to do things that they think are their ideas. If potty training is seen as your idea, Mom or Dad, the excitement level will wear off fairly quickly.

This new undertaking of "going potty" will be interesting while it's new, like any fun game you teach him.

But once your little boy feels like he "gets it" - whether he truly understands what you're explaining to him or not - he will be done working on it.

Believe me, this will be very frustrating to YOU.

The simple answer to this is to make potty training your son's idea. Simple, but not necessarily easy.

I toilet trained a son very much like this. He took a long time to train, because I was fighting against his natural bent of wanting to do his own thing.

When he was convinced potty training was in his best interest, he trained in a matter of days. This was accomplished by trying different scenarios with him until we hit upon the one that connected with him, that he felt was "his" idea.

How do you accomplish this with your own child? Start by making a list of what's important from your son's perspective. Those insights will help you lead your toddler towards deciding that potty training is exactly what he wants to do.

2. Boys like to imitate other boys.

If you're reading up on potty training tips for boys, remember this one: boys love to watch other boys and practice what they see.

You can put this information to work easily. Does your little boy have a favorite stuffed animal or action figure? Well, give this animal or figure a male name and potty train him. With your son's help, of course.

Sound silly? Not when you watch the principle at work. When you potty train your child's favorite male toy, you have your son's undivided attention.

- Rush the toy to the potty when he needs to go.

- Clearly demonstrate all the parts of using the potty chair.

- Verbally talk to both the toy and your son, explaining exactly what's going on.

- Involve your son by having him help his toy get pants off, sit on the potty, pretend to wash hands, etc.

And don't stop at a day. Keep this training up for days and weeks. Occasionally make your son wait to do things because "Bear" has to go to the potty ("I'm sorry, Tom, I can't read a book to you right now, I'm going to read to Bear while he sits on the potty. You can turn pages for us.").

You get the picture.

3. Boys like potty humor.

Sorry to tell you this, but potty humor starts when they're young. For example, if you can stand the humor and sometimes the mess, tapping into the natural joy little boys get when they can aim their pee and playing games with that ability will keep them practicing their new potty skills, such as identifying their bodies' urge to void, getting to the potty chair on time and letting go.

Potty targets are great fun for little boys at this stage or simply dropping bits of toilet paper in the water and letting them aim and shoot delights most toddlers. If you're having trouble with potty training resistance, take a day you can focus solely on toilet training, keep the fluids coming and the potty games fun.

Using silly potty songs and rhymes also appeals to toddler boys and keeps their interest level high for using their potty chairs. Generally, the sillier the songs, the better, so be prepared to teach some goofy ones!

So remember, when toilet training boys focus on making the whole process as much of their idea as possible, give them another "boy" to imitate and train alongside, and keep the potty humor coming.

Honestly, this is a great time to learn what makes your little guy tick, since you're going to be teaching him many things over the years. Practicing with potty training tips is only the beginning.

Colleen Langenfeld has potty trained four kids and helps other moms get more out of their mothering at . Toilet train faster using her potty reward charts and creative ideas plus uncover more about toilet training boys by visiting her website today.n
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