The Perfect Parent...Who Are We Kidding?

by Annie Lussenburg - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 469 Share This!

I get the feeling that there are a lot of moms and dads out there that feel they're not measuring up. Ok, next question. What measure are they using to figure out whether they make the grade and is that measure fair? Or are we being judged by some over zealous perfectionists who've never held a screaming bundle in their arms to save their life and if they did, wouldn't have the first clue what to do with it. I don't know about you, but every time I see some family sit com with the perfect family all coming out with the perfect joke, laughing happily for the prescribed time, I want to strangle the sanctimonious twit who put it on the air. Ok, so it's not entirely our tv executives fault as they are simply reflecting the society that we want to believe we live in.

But the society they portray doesn't exist and what's more, the fact that it doesn't is a good thing. Just imagine how boring it would be if we were all perfect. People are human. We do get cranky when we're woken up several times a night. We have great days and bad days. When the frustration builds you either let it out or it eats away at you from the inside. The key as with everything is to keep trying and when you fail, as you will and probably often, apologize to those you've affected and move on. What's more give yourself a break!

The idea of perfect parenting is extremely harmful. Obviously that doesn't mean that you go to the opposite extreme but next time you hear some parenting expert rattle on about how damaging getting cross with your kids is, imagine him or her at home, having a good rant while their teenager has a tantrum, the dinner is burning and the dog just threw up on the carpet because that, or something like, it is likely the reality.

What a silly word dysfunctional is because in someways we are all dysfunctional. I, for instance, drive my car to the exercise club when it's less than a kilometre away. How nutty is that? I would tell you it's because I don't have time and there are too many things going on for me to take the time. However, the reality is that the trip is uphill....all the way and I'm just too darned lazy. So whether you lose it with the kids because your toddler insisted on clearing out the grocery store candy aisle single-handedly or you're on a diet but secretly snuffle maple fudge when no one's looking, I want all of us out there to breathe easier because let me tell you if you knew what your neighbours were doing, you'd think you were normal or is that abnormal?.....I give up!

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