Having a Happy and Healthy Baby With the Benefits of Baby Massage

by Colby Brister - Date: 2010-10-23 - Word Count: 503 Share This!

Mothers have known for centuries the benefits of baby massage, the world over. In many Asian countries baby massage is a daily routine that is usually performed by mother and grandmother together. This age-old practice has long been known to help keep the baby happy and comfortable. Besides the physical advantages that the baby gets from the massage there is also the emotional bond that is developed between the baby and the mother.

One of the first senses that is developed by the body is the sense of touch; this sense begins to develop very early in the womb. The act of birth is very dramatic for the baby as it has full sense of touch upon leaving the environment of the womb and entering the world. It is also true that babies were born prematurely especially require a touch connection to their mother as her babies were born to a cesarean section is not fully understood the connection between the development of the baby sense of touch and vaginal birth but there does appear to be a significant correlation. In almost all cases of other than normal childbirth is then shown that baby massage is significantly important in the development of the baby's sense of touch.

In addition to the development of the sense of touch and the bond between mother and child baby massage is also been shown to increase the child's emotional well-being as well as helping to develop the ability to establish strong emotional connections to others. Many researchers also believe that baby massage is important in helping to develop an increased confidence level later in life although this has not been proven; there is strong evidence to show this.

One thing that has been shown to be significantly enhanced by the act of baby massage is the strength, condition, and texture of the skin. This is due to the increase in circulation that occurs during massage this circulation increase is also highly beneficial to the development of the baby's nervous system, and muscular system. Baby massage is also beneficial in the development of the baby's emphatic system which is especially important in the early stages of life due to its significance in the removal of waste from the body.

Babies who regularly experienced baby massage will also have an improved digestive system and are more likely to have a positive attitude towards feeding. These babies tend to have less constipation and diarrhea, and less vomiting. From a respiratory standpoint, baby massage is beneficial in preventing of coughing, nasal blockage and other conditions associated with the upper respiratory system.

You may also notice an improvement in your baby's attitude which includes fewer tantrums and reduced irritability. This is due to the calming effect that massage can have on the baby. There are a wide variety of reasons a baby can be cranky and one of the most common is simply a lack of attention. Baby massage is a great way baby to get a little extra attention and feel relaxed at the same time.

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