The Evolution Of Vitamin B5 For Acne

by Nick Bell - Date: 2007-01-14 - Word Count: 306 Share This!

I came across the benefits of Vitamin B5 6 years ago whilst searching for an acne treatment that actually works. With a great deal of scepticism I tried Vitamin B5 and within 4 weeks, my severe acne had completely disappeared! Vitamin B5 was my acne cure, but it came at a price! To treat acne effectively with Vitamin B5 a ridiculous amount was needed, 20 X 500 mg pills a day. As you can imagine 20 pills a day is difficult to swallow plus the money needed to sustain the treatment took its toll on my bank balance. I had two choices: continue to use Vitamin B5 despite the large quantity/cost required to maintain clear skin, OR not use it and have bad skin! Both choices were not an option!

I saw the need for an acne treatment that was affordable, easily taken and more effective than Vitamin B5 alone, so with the help of Medical Professionals and Judy Cheung, SkinB5 was born! SkinB5 is a great tasting powder that contains powerful health promoting nutrients (Vitamin B5, Zinc, Vitamin A, Biotin) that act internally to treat acne. The human body absorbs powder far better than tablets/pills, meaning only 3 dosages a day of Skinb5 is needed compared with 4 dosages if using tablets. Due to the better absorption rate acne will clear much faster.

SkinB5's benefits are well supported by scientific research studies. Even if you don't have acne, SkinB5 may improve your overall health due to other well recognised benefits.

Future SkinB5 advancements

To combat the world wide problem of acne, SkinB5 is in the process of developing further UNIQUE & INNOVATIVE treatments that will continue to revolutionise the acne treatment industry. Vitamin B5 is the only real product that can treat acne. Please keep an eye on SkinB5 because you will see the evolution of acne treatments.

Nick Bell
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