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Children love the excitement and adventure that can be found by cruising on their own ride on toy. With the holiday seasons fast approaching, many parents are beginning to purchase presents for young ones. Why not surprise your young one with a ride on toy that their sure to love?
The top ten ride on toys:

1 - Ride On Toddler Train with real sounds! This train is perfect for those still too young, but offers the excitement of a ride on toy. Decorated in a light and breezy blue color, the train makes sounds very similar to that of a real train, and your child will love "choo-chooing" their way around the house.

2 - Ride on toy motorcycle chopper is perfect for a young child with more of an adventurous side. This motorcycle is designed to closely resemble its real life counterpart, but is still safe enough for a young child to use.

3 -Ride on toy Hummer. The Hummer has quickly become one of the top sought after cars by adults, and now many children can own their own. The Hummer is electric, and children will be thrilled with the idea of "driving" up and down the road, of course with proper supervision.

4 - Mercedes Benz electric ride on toy is another popular car. The Mercedes Benz is available as a convertible to give that "hair blowing in the wind" feel for young children. Additionally being an electric car, children still have that option to "drive".

5 - The bright red Ferrari is sure to be a big hit with any child. Being a "muscle" car children can feel proud of their vehicle, and are sure to brag about it to other friends. What better way to cheer up a young child than by giving them a fast car?

6 - The Police motorcycle is a fantastic gift for the young child that may aspire to one day grow up and be a police officer. This motorcycle is available in both electric and pedal, and is equipped with real life sounds. Your child can pretend to be a police officer, and chase after the child in the bright red Ferrari, a new spin to an old game.

7 - The battery operated ATV ride on toy is a great option for those that live in a more outdoor setting. Children can tumble over mud piles, and speed through trees on their very own 4-wheeler.

8 - Many old time replicas are also available, such as the vintage 1965 Ford Mustang. These great cars are available in a pedal version, and can be a great way to share history with young children.

9 - Sky Plane is a pedal airplane that young children can "take to the skies" in their imagination. Is your young child wishing to be a pilot one day? Start them off with their very own pedal plane!

10 - Last but not least, the Speedy Car is a fantastic choice for young children, and even includes a video game in the vehicle to further stimulate a young child's imagination.

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