Best Eight Free Methods For Website Promotion with Tips

by Adam Raley - Date: 2008-12-20 - Word Count: 403 Share This!

1. Forums - Do not spam the forum by blatantly advertising your business in posts. Instead, put your link in your link in your signature that will be shown with every posts you make. Then, just contribute to the forum by asking/answering questions and your signature file will do all the work for you.

2. Videos - There are dozens of video sites out there for you to upload videos.† You tube even has an easy way to format videos so you do not need to be tech savvy.

3. Safelists & Traffic exchanges - the idea is simple, you get credits to show your websites by viewing other people's websites.† You should always trying to capture people's email addresses when you promote a business using these free methods. Sending people to a regular website that doesn't capture the email is a big mistake.

4. Article marketing - also know as "bum Marketing" in the industry.† There are lots of article sites that will let you post articles for free. This can be very useful for you to create back-links to sites and to try and get listed in the search engines. Be sure to use the "keyword" several times throughout the article and in the title as well. You then put a link to your website in the "author bio" box at the end of the article.

5. Free classified sites - If you post a few dozen ads a day and collect email addresses, you can use free classified sites as an effective means of advertising.

6. Blogs - Similar to article marketing in that you are trying to get listed in search engines for a particular or several key words. So, again, you must use the keywords you are trying to get listed for many times in your posts.

7. Social Networks - If you are willing to put some work into creating a nice profile page and building up
a fair amount of contacts, sites like Facebook and Myspace can bring you some good traffic.

8. Hub Pages, Squidoo Lens, Twitter - These sites are kind of like a combination between blogs and social networking sites. They free to set up and work very similar to articles and blogs.† You are trying to draw in traffic though the quality/relevance of your content.

The key to success with free methods for website promotion is consistency.† You will only see results if you spend a reasonable amount of time promoting your website.

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