4 Ways to Pull Readers in Using your Articles

by Daryl Campbell - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 513 Share This!

What are the qualities of a well written article?

It must build your profile as an expert. The article reflects its writer. Just like your website, articles are your alter ego. They must be well written to show your expertise in whatever niche you are writing about.

Articles must also be able to draw traffic to your site. The popularity of your site and the products or services you are offering depends on the amount of web traffic you are getting.

It must also help you to get a database of potential customers through email courses or a newsletter. Once your site becomes familiar, you can then make connections with other sites to further increase your web traffic.

Anyone can write an article. You know the basics: an introduction, content, and ending statements, proper grammar and correct spelling. You can also hire writers to produce more articles that can be published into the many article directories on the web.

But can you attract your readers and make them say "Yes" on the things that you are offering? Can you get them to click that link below the article in your resource box?

In article writing, it is important that your readers are first on your list. Give them what they want. Your job is to turn them into long-term customers and not just one-time visitors. Think of what they want to know, not what you want to tell them.

Try these tip:s

1. What are the interests of your readers? If you are specializing for instance in identity theft then provide articles talking about the many different types of identity theft scams, the cost to individuals and business and how the reader can protect themselves. If you lack the necessary information then do extensive research. Logging on to different forums to get relevant details is a good start. .

2. An attention grabbing title and introduction. Take your time with this. Make it interesting; something that will lure them to keep reading Try to make it as if you are speaking to just one person. You naturally want as many people as possible to read your article but make each reader feel that you are addressing him or her face to face.

3. Include in the contents all things that should be included. Readers need facts, details, tips, and strategies, so include it. However, make your style of writing in conversational and relaxed. Although your readers want that information, they also look forward for some entertainment-type of article. Make it worth reading.

4. Do not lose the excitement as the article is about to end. This is a major problem with many writers. Make sure that excitement lives on to the close of your article. If you like, include some humor. Getting readers to smile or laugh will pay off nicely in the long run.

More than advertising the purpose of article writing is to inform your readers. How can you tell if your readers are saying yes to you? When they click the link going to your website and go from one time readers to potential long term customers.

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