Product Creation: Get the Full Benefit of the Product

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What is the single most powerful marketing technique you can use to grow an existing business? For more help visit to: www. Opinions vary on this point, but having produced and promoted more than 50 products online, my answer is resoundingly clear: digital products.

There tends to be a gap between a product with all the potential benefits it can provide, and the customer actual "getting" those benefits. And that gap typically involves the customer actually using the product. And using it properly. And using it fully.

If you only plan to sell one product one time to a customer, then maybe it's not that critical that he get the full benefit of the product, Desirable of course, but not critical.

But "smart marketing" dictates that often the first sale to a customer is not where you make most of your money. Why? Because the first sale has to pay for the marketing and advertising to attract the customer in the first place. In fact, if you just "break even" on that first sale, you may be doing pretty well.

The implications are that there must be additional sales to the customer in order to actually make any significant amount of money. But the trouble is that if the customer failed to get the benefit from his first purchase, what makes us think there will be any additional purchases?

Now, I'm going to tell you about a shocking statistic I pulled directly from my own business 3 or 4 years ago that almost knocked me over. I sent a survey out to a large number of customers for one of my consumer software product lines, asking them what they liked, disliked, wanted to see added etc.

I received quite a large number of replies, but the thing that absolutely blew me away was the fact that nearly half - nearly 50 percent - admitted that not only they used the software, they had never even installed it. Here I am looking for ways to add more value to the product in order to increase the benefit to the customer, and half of them hadn't even bothered to look at it. They'd bought it. They'd received it. But they hadn't ever gotten around to loading it.

Talk about an uphill battle. These folks clearly weren't getting ANY of the benefit if they didn't even install the software, much less use it. For more help visit to: How on earth was I going to sell them a second product, or a third? But, I went on to read the rest of the e-mail. It turns out that he already had a business which sold a physical product to the same market that I sold my software to, and that my software provided the "missing link" between his product and the benefits he wanted his customers to receive.

I started with one of my higher-priced business to business products, and added a video training series showing not only how to use the product, but how to streamline the customer's business in the context of using the product. This went well beyond just a "user guide" and could have stood on its own as a business improvement product.

Best of all, there was no way a customer could fail to get the benefit from my product. This video series covered everything from the time the customer paid me money until the time his business was running smoothly as a result of using my product properly. It was like having a "greased chute" between my product and the benefits my customer wanted.

If you sell a product or a service - whether online or offline - if there are any steps that your customer must take in order to use your product properly or get the full benefit of your offering, this digital product bundling technique is dynamite!

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