Never Let Your Marketing Become Too Unfocused

by charen smith - Date: 2008-11-27 - Word Count: 484 Share This!

For marketing to really work it needs to have a clear focus and intent behind it. You have to have a purpose for getting it made, even if that purpose is just about improving your company image or getting your name out to more people. No matter what the purpose is your marketing has to reflect this if you want to be successful with it.

Here's what I've noticed from many companies. They have throughout the year various key marketing pushes. Sometimes this is around specific holidays or maybe just specific times of the year. They might have sales pushes at the beginning of each season or the beginning of each quarter.

For these strong pushes everything they do is heavily focused around whatever their core marketing message is for the push. They'll get a whole assortment of marketing made that has a strong focus on this. It doesn't matter if they're sending out postcards through the mail or getting flyer printing done to hand out in person, each form of advertising holds well to the current marketing push.

But what happens in between these pushes? Few companies are able to maintain these kind of pushes throughout the year, and they often have a month or more in-between each of them.

The problem is that during these periods the companies often fall into very unfocused marketing that doesn't do much to really help out their company. They know that they need something out there in order to keep their general name strong in a person's mind, but they don't know what to put on them.

This leads to posters that show the company name but don't really mention anything specific about them that's worthwhile. It leads to a different kind of flyer printing where the flyer doesn't know what it wants to say, as if merely shoving the flyer in my hand is all their marketing requires.

If spreading your name or keeping your presence strong is the focus of your marketing, than be sure every ad you make reflects this. Choose themes like the years you've been in business, or use testimonials to point out how good your company is and what a staple you are in your industry.

You might use those times to specifically market to your loyal customers by providing special sales just for them, or find other ways to keep your current customers happy.

For those keeping a close eye on marketing there's almost no end to what you can do and what your marketing can be. But first you have to be sure that you know what it is that you're trying to say. For every marketing push you do you should be able to quickly say what the central idea of it is. If you can't do that than you aren't going to be really marketing your business.

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