The Forgotten Advertising Tip

by Kara Kelso - Date: 2005-12-10 - Word Count: 384 Share This!

I'm sure while you have seen many tips on advertising, manythat talk about testing and tracking your ads, I'm sure thatthis one important tip is rarely mentioned: Running more thanone ad at a time isn't the greatest idea.

While it seems like a good idea to spend your monthlyadvertising budget all at once at the first of the month, is itreally gaining you the best exposure? Even if you are runningads on various websites and networks, there is a pretty goodchance many of those that see your ad on one site are going tosee them on another.

Rather than having several ads running at the same time, try tospace out your ads a bit and run only one at a time. Why? Wellthink of it this way. Say a visitor seeing your ad on one siteand thinking "interesting, I may have to buy something later".Later that same day if they are on another website I'm surethey'll think "there it is again, but I'll buy later".

Now think if you would have waited a week or two beforeadvertising at that second site in which this visitor comes todaily, and then seeing it saying "oh wow that site! I forgot Iwas going to buy there last week, so I'd better do it now".

See the difference? Rather than one person seeing your siteseveral times in one day or week and it still being the badtime, if you space your ads out you have a better chance ofcatching them when it IS a better time.......or at least takinga closer look at your site and getting them subscribed to yournewsletter or other free offers you have on your website.

Another reason it's good to spread your advertising dollars asfar as they will go is for contant exposure. If you are seenconstantly in several places at all times, the easier you aregoing to be remembered. Not to mention like we said before,always be seen by someone who IS ready to buy.

Now of course, when you do choose to advertise on several sitesat the same time, there is the chance you will reach more ofyour target audience. Plus if you have the funds to constantlyadvertise on several sites at once, go for it! Just remember tokeep the ads going, so you have a constant flow of visitors.

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