Printer Ink Cartridges Have Travelled A Long Way

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The inkjet printer and alongwith it, the printer ink cartridges were introduced in 1984. This ensured that printing could now be a household job. What it meant was that you can print and preserve a hard copy at your convenience at the luxury of your home. Printing job also became cleaner, so to say, than inking your hands as well, in the process of seeing your document in print. This used to happen during the hassle of changing ribbons or inserting a toner cartridge.

The ink delivery systems are more reliable than ever today. The old dot matrix with its ribbon-changing was 'old', consigned to the pages of history of printing technologies. A new ink delivery technique was conceptualised, which also included the 'drop on demand' method. Development of such advanced procedures could not have been possible without the aid and research of major branded companies in the field of printer ink cartridges today. To name a few, HP (Hewlett Packard), Canon, Epson and others.

Printer ink cartridges guarantee quality and convenience more than anything else. And this is what matters. Whatever your printing requirements, be it glossy photo-prints, or rough-draft documents, these cartridges run their course on the paper both in black and white or in color graphics, as you like it. Printing on any type or size of paper, fabric or film, etc. is a daily fare. Printers and cartridges are used in offices, schools, libraries, besides homes of millions worldwide.

Every Printer ink cartridge has a unique identifying number and lists the model number of each printer in which it can be used.

Printer manufacturers recommend their own brand of Printer ink cartridges, and though it is possible to refill the cartridge yourself, or purchase a refilled, or remanufacture a cartridge, using a branded ink cartridge such as that of HP or Canon ensures a longer life for your printer.

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