Extending the Life of an Inkjet Printer with Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

by Devin Collier - Date: 2006-12-10 - Word Count: 258 Share This!

Inkjet printers are becoming another "throw away" electronic device due to reducing costs and high ink prices. Some people combat this by purchasing compatible ink cartridges so their printers will last longer, but some compatible ink cartridges can clog print heads, make an ink nightmare, or break the printer entirely.

One method that most people do not try is actually cleaning and maintaining an inkjet printer. They fear the device sitting next to the computer because it looks dirty and they don't want to break it.

Anyone can clean their printer with ten minutes of time and few household items. Doing so can really enhance your printout and save you from making the yearly office supply store visit.

Some people are concerned that purchasing or refilling their inkjet cartridges are bad for printers and cause damage. It's hard to tell exactly which is ink is good and which ink is bad from a consumer standpoint, but everyone knows that you can always trust the original equipment manufacturer's ink cartridges.

When you get a bad cartridge, or when a "drill-and-fill" goes downhill, many people end up purchasing a new printer. If there was a simple way to clean up any mess or fix an inkjet printer, there would be less garbage in the landfills and we wouldn't feel so guilty for throwing something away that could have been back in working condition with minimal effort.

The answer to inkjet issues is taking the step to try repairing or cleaning your inkjet printer yourself. It is easy, cheap, and doesn't require a lot of time.

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Devin Collier is a printer and copier technician for DC Technology Solutions. He provides tips and tutorials like the one referenced in this article called How to Really Clean an Inkjet Printer, at PrinterHacks.com.

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