Laptops Vs Desktops- Their Significance

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Computers obviously are commonly used for more or less everything from entertainment to office work. Most of the offices today are equipped with computers and they use them for doing calculations or for maintaining daily records.

Few years back, desktops were very common and no one could even think of a substitute for them. Conversely, with invention of laptops, desktops had got a worthy competitor. The biggest advantage in a laptop is that it is portable. Therefore, people can literally carry their work around. Their work is reduced to a great extent and it will also be much easier.

Laptops are usually for people who need to work with their computer almost the entire day. They can therefore carry their work around with ease and have access to their files form almost anywhere. Laptops and desktops each have their own advantages. Some of them are as discussed as below.

Firstly, laptops occupy very less space and can be tucked in almost anywhere. However, desktops are heavy and they occupy a lot of space.

Secondly, laptops are light weighted and compact. They can be easily carried anywhere and if any problem arises, they can easily be carried to the service centres. However, if there is a problem with the desktop, it becomes rather a problem as they cannot be carried anywhere easily.

Thirdly, an important feature in desktops is that they can be roughly used with. Even a small jerk or a bang can damage a laptop. Nonetheless, desktops are sturdier and can be used roughly as they can withstand most of the common accidents.

Next, if the prices of both the desktops and laptops are compared, we can find that desktops are far less expensive.

Laptops are very compact and advantageous but you will have to shell out a lot of money to buy one. There are many other ways in which a desktop is more advantageous. Desktops can be easily serviced in case it stops working.

When servicing a desktop, it is easy and far less expensive whereas when something happens to a laptop, you will have to submit it to a authorised service centre and usually end up paying a lot for it.

Of all the above points are carefully considered, then it is clearly evident that both the desktops and the laptops each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Laptops suit the people more who need to carry their work with them the whole time. Desktops are more for rough users who use their computers for entertainment like games or movies. Therefore, one cannot really say that one is better. It depends on the user and thus each user can feel that one is better than the other.

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