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A check printer is a printer that hooks up to a computer that has the capability of printing checks. Many people use a MICR check printer for the advanced security features. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) is the special font on the bottom line of the check which must be printed using a MICR printer so it can encode the accounting and routing information onto the check.

Your bank does not actually produce these checks themselves. What the banks do is simply sends an order through to a national MICR check printer to get these checks printed for them.

Nowadays a lot of companies are printing these checks themselves and to do this they use a MICR laser check printer rather then ordering cheques and some of the benefits of this are:

* MICR laser check processing provides a high level of security

* Cost reduction; elimination of inventory and control of pre-printed check stock

* Creation of MICR checks is a single step process which will automatically add signatures, logos, payee data, bank ID, and the MICR line to the check

* Gives you the ability to add, change or delete new bank accounts on demand without the need to order new check stock

* Decreases the risk to check fraud.

Some MICR check printers available today are:

* Phaser 4500 Printer

* DocuPrint N4525 Printer

* ST 9550 MICR Printer

These can all be found at your local computer or electronics hardware store.

There really is no excuse in today's world for ordering bank checks and being reliant on the delivery of these checks and the time it takes. You now have the power to literally make your own checks at the push of a button.

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Author: Darren Mallory

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