Cooling Your Laptop

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It is common knowledge that laptops are commonly used by everyone but one must also know how to take care of it. A very common and dangerous problem in a laptop is the increased heat production.

Unlike desktops, laptops do not have cooling or exhaust fans and therefore one cannot do anything but manually control and monitor the temperature. Laptops can get heated up pretty soon on usage and this may even damage your internal circuits and lead to many problems if it is not taken care of.

There are many simple ways by which you can protect your laptop from over heating. Here are some ways by which you can protect your laptop from heat damage.

Firstly, laptops get heated up soon due to their high consumption of power. Hence they should be set to power saver mode rather than the normal ‘high performance’ mode. This will help your laptop optimise the power consumption.

After this, the laptop will draw power only for running some applications. This will prevent the laptop from getting overheated soon. However, the laptop has to be switched back to the normal high performance mode if you are using complicated software or if you are a heavy user.

Secondly, dust in the motherboard or the processor can lead to increased friction and thereby increasing the heat production. You can prevent this using a dust cover for your laptop or by often cleaning your laptop using dust-remover sprays. Dust gets accumulated inside the laptop and can even block the cooling vents in a laptop. Therefore, care has to be taken to prevent this from happening.

The third way to protect your laptop from overheating is by using your laptop optimally. Many leave their laptops running for long periods of time even when it is unnecessary. This will consume a lot of power.

Therefore, a laptop has to be switched off whenever it is not used. This will serve many purposes such as saving power, reducing heat production and such. This simple process will save your laptop from a lot of damage.

Finally, an important accessory to be used along with your laptop to minimise heat production are laptop pads. They come along with inbuilt cooling fans, which will help you cool down your laptop significantly. These are not very expensive and can be brought from any authorised dealer.

Therefore, if all the above methods are used properly, then it may leads to your laptop performing optimally. Heat production is a serious problem because it may damage the internal circuits and thus lead to many other problems like slow working or frequent re booting.

Therefore, care has to be taken to prevent this and thus ensure proper working of the laptop.

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