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By definition, T-shirts are those that more or less look like the alphabet letter ?T.? They are generally made of a soft material such as cotton and fit the wearer well. They come with a matt finish (where the weave is clearly seen) or a smooth finish.

T-shirts come in every conceivable type, be it tank tops, oversized ones for sleeping, sleeveless, half or full sleeved, printed, embroidered or a mix of prints and needle work, or even plain.. But probably the fastest selling are the T-shirts with images, cartoons and funny one-liners printed on them, most of which express tongue-in-cheek humor.

These T-shirts reflect the wearer's style and his attitude towards life in general. They are worn with panache with the general idea that the wearer wants to stand out in a crowd.

There are some points to keep in mind while choosing a T-shirt with a cartoon or a caption. It should match your ideas and opinions and should not insult any particular type of person, religion, have any kind of vulgar or offensive comments. A teetotaler would not be expected to wear a T-shirt that proclaims him to be a drinker.

One-liners are what the entire industry of comedy is loosely based on, and T-shirts are no exception. Some of them are topical, pertaining to a given situation or event that is currently popular. Some are humorous one-liners as old as time but with their laughter quotient intact. Some have their roots in movies and become a style statement. Some come with sexual connotations while others preach, probably better than the preacher himself.

Funny T-shirts are all about your style statement, your attitude and your idea of the world you live in. Wear them with confidence and enjoy the reactions they arouse in the world around you!

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