Designer Lingerie - Tips for Successful On-line Buying

by Tracy Lane - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 599 Share This!

Men - trust me, every woman's dream gift is beautiful, quality, silk or lace designer lingerie! But - get it wrong and you risk offending that special lady in your life and wasting your time and money. It will probably get buried at the back of the drawer and you'll never see what it would have looked like on her. Now the good news - follow these useful tips and you have every chance of having one very happy lady who will be so delighted with your choice that you may even reap some great rewards from following my advice!

Make it easy for yourself. Why subject yourself to the uncomfortable embarrassment of standing in a brightly lit lingerie department of a busy store with the attentions of other customers and assistants? Buying lingerie on-line means you have a vast selection of styles, colours and sizes from which to choose. You are free to browse for as long as you like at a time and place convenient to you, it is easy, secure, confidential and you wont be rushed into making a rash purchase due to of pressure from the sales assistant or because you just can't bear the unpleasant experience any longer!

But, make sure you do your homework first - what size to buy is plainly important, guess and chances are you'll get it wrong. The best way to get it right without asking her is to take a peek in her underwear drawer. Pick your time carefully though and maybe you might want to think of an excuse beforehand, just in case you get caught! Sizes may appear in any of the following ways - S, M, XL, or 8, 10, 12 or a number and letter 34C, 36A depending what the garment is and how the manufacturer chooses to classify it.

When you have settled on what size you want, how do you choose what style of lingerie to buy? I am sure you will have your own ideas of what you would like to see your special lady wearing, but remember this is a gift for her, not you. Get it right though and it can be both! While you were rummaging through her underwear drawer, what styles had she chosen in the past? If they are generally skimpy then you're probably safe to go for something more daring, alternatively there is plenty of gorgeous silk, satin or lace lingerie to choose from; either way you are guaranteed to make her feel special and sexy.

Color is generally a matter of personal preference. Things to consider are her hair color, skin tone and what colors she likes. Helpful tips - black and blue compliment blonds, red and white look stunning on brunettes and redheads look amazing in green. This is just a general guide and something to bear in mind whilst fumbling through her underwear drawer and perusing the on-line lingerie sites.

By now you should have a better idea of the size, style and color of lingerie you are looking for and the hardest thing you have had to do to achieve this is riffle through your favorite lady's underwear and browse pictures of gorgeous, alluring lingerie on-line!

Don't forget the packaging; this stylish gift will look even more special if it is beautifully wrapped and packaged and an additional benefit to buying on-line is this is often free of charge.

All that is left is for you to present your lucky lady with her gorgeous gift; with your homework done you are sure to have made her feel very happy and special which is exactly what you wanted. Now you can both reap the rewards!

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