Marc Jacobs Might Give Us More

by David Ruiz - Date: 2007-05-22 - Word Count: 312 Share This!

Marc Jacobs has brought us classics and much to talk about with his two lines: Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. He and his partners are now considering putting more on their fashion plates with a third line, Marc3.

Marc3 will be priced under Marc by Marc Jacobs. This third line will allow the brand to reach even more consumers than before. Marc3 could be equal to the success and caliber of the partnerships with H&M and big fashion names (Karl Lagerfeld and others). Marc3 if successful could mark history. High-end labels very rarely come out with an additional line let alone a third line. It is even frowned upon for such a brand held in high esteem to create a second line. Many brands do not want to tarnish their names or integrity. Yet, Marc Jacobs and his partners believe he can overcome that stigma. They are ready to go out on a limb and be trailblazers.

Marc by Marc Jacobs has seen so much success. However, creating a new line could dilute the 2 other brands. Consumers may opt for the lowest priced label or opt out as a whole. Some critics even wonder if the proposed name would be recognizable.

However, Jacobs appears to see an opportunity to fill a void. His product lines are constantly knocked off. And in order to combat fast fashion a third line might be the weaponry needed. I already support the other two lines (sometimes from afar and sometimes financially!) and I would surely support this line. Jacobs has a vast amount of creativity. Sometimes it seems as if it is infinite. He stretches every season when it seems that other designers are just putting out variations of last season's designs. He has never been fearful to create his heart's desires. Never mind the critics and naysayers, Jacobs has everything he needs to develop Marc3.

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