The History of Fashion

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The history of fashion is segmented into decades. The fashion timeline that will be explored in this article will include the 1950s, the 1970s, and the 1980s. Each of these decades offered a unique collection of fabrics and design styles that made their fashions memorable.

Fashion in the 1950's was greatly influenced by the ending of the fabric rations imposed during World War II. With the ability to use as much fabric as they wanted fashion designers began to experiment with fuller skirts and more dramatic fashion pieces. Christian Dior was a notable designer during this era. One of his most popular fashion designs was the fitted jacket with tailored waistline and full calf length shirt. Dior used between 10 and 80 yards per outfit during this decade of design. Other designers also experimented with fuller skirts, and as a result a skirt foundation needed to be created to support the weight of these pieces. The materials that were most commonly used to create a supportive petticoat were paper nylon and bouffant netting.

The history of fashion continued to evolve into the 1970's. During this era the sexual revolution and social revolutions of the 1960's spilled over into the 1970's impacting the clothing trends of this decade. During this era clothing used bold colors and geometric designs. Disco funk was also a design theme that colored the fashion of this time period including mini skirts, bell bottom pants, leisure suites, hot pants, and even platform shoes.

80s clothing continued to experiment with bold colors and pattern choices. However, now the colors were ultra modern neon hues. Layering also became a fashion trend that was popular with teens and young adults. Colored net petticoats from the 1950's were now being used as a skirt instead of as a foundation garment. Workout clothing also experienced a boom in popularity. Instead of being contained as sweatshirts and sweat pants that were worn only in the gym, workout clothing received a designer makeover and it became everyday wear.

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