The Art of Dressing for Your Body Shape Made Simple...Curvy Girl Style!

by Kathy H. - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 396 Share This!


You Have a Fuller Bustline and a Less Defined Waist With More Narrow Shoulders and Legs.

--- Main goal: Draw Attention Away From the Midriff / Tummy Area. ~ Redirect the Eye to Your Face or Legs.

* Wear shoulder pads to create the illusion of a small waist and draw attention upward.

* Create strong, vertical lines using long jackets over short or straight shirts.

* V-necks and long necklaces are flattering for you.

* Avoid high heels with short hemlines and tight waistlines that emphasize a prominent midriff.


You Have Basically Balanced Shoulders and Hips With a Smaller, Well-Defined Waist.

--- Main goal: Maintain Your Natural Balance While Accenting Your Waist. ~ Select Soft Flowing Lines in

Any Combination of Prints or Solids.

* Define your waist by wearing dark belts on light fabrics and blouson tops with straight or full skirts.

* Drop-waist styles are flattering for you as well as jackets cropped above the waist.

* Avoid tent dresses or any styles that have only a minimal amount of shape.


You Have Roughly the Same Width at the Shoulders, Waist and Hips.

--- Main goal: Create the Illusion of a Waistline.

* Reduce the straightness and boxiness of your shape by wearing clothes that suggest a waistline and are unstructured.

* You can wear any combination of prints, patterns and solids as well as a variety of silhouettes.

* Drop-waist styles are flattering and a great choice for you.

* Add interest at the neckline with bright jewelry or scarves.

* Avoid oversized tent dresses or any styles that have only a minimal amount of shape.


You Have More Narrow Shoulders and a Smaller Bustline With Wider Hips and Legs.

--- Main goal: Create a Visual Balance Between Your Narrow Upper Body and Wider Lower Body.

* Use shoulder pads, embellishment and accessories to draw attention to your upper body. Ruffled collars and bold jewelry draw the eye upward.

* Hips and thigh areas should be de-emphasized by wearing dark solids or small prints or using silhouettes that flow smoothly and gracefully over the lower body.

--->>>INVERTED TRIANGLE: You Have Slightly Wider Shoulders and a Larger Bustline With Narrow Hips and Legs.

--- Main goal: Create a Visual Balance Between Wider Upper Body and Narrow Lower Body.

* Wear fuller bottoms in prints, bright colors, and flared or pleated skirts.

* Wear darker, less embellished tops to minimize the wide upper body.

* Choose heavier, chunky shoes and keep accessories close to the face.

* Avoid shoulder pads or wear only small ones.

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