Choose The Right Graphics Cards For Best Performance

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Of late, Graphics cards have become a must of the computer users. There are a number of reasons for this. More and more resource hungry applications are coming up and to meet their graphics needs, PCs require additional graphics cards. Especially, for the PC gamers this is a must have component. In fact, to many computer users it is as important as the CPU. While computing you will hardly find any difference between a 2GHz and a 3GHz CPU, but you will notice a significant difference between a high-end graphics card over a mid-range alternative.

Before going any farther, let's have a look at what is graphics card? It is a piece of hardware which is responsible for rendering the image on the monitor. There is wide selection of Graphics cards having array of features. ATI and Nvidia are the two most renowned names in this context. Prices of graphics card vary depending on the model and performance. You may get in touch with a computer repair company before buying graphics cards.

If you are planning to buy a graphics card for your computer, consider some important things. First, ensure that that graphics card has the best resolution that your monitor can support. The next thing you should consider is on-board memory. The graphics card must perform at its best to render images to the screen. Graphics images are larger files as compared to text files and comprise great amounts of data. The graphics card process this files and in the faster graphics cards you will find own resident memory chips for faster performance. Low-end graphics cards do not have large resident memory and they share system RAM to process images. If you are a gaming or multimedia enthusiasts, you must go for a graphics card with resident memory.

You are very much familiar with CPU but have you ever heard about GPU? This is a chip which is similar to the computer processing unit (CPU). The GPU is placed on the graphics card and processes data in parallel lines which is known as "pipelines." More pipelines on the graphics card mean it can process faster data. There are some cards in the market that have dual GPUs for better performance.

To offer the best performance, graphics cards work hard. As a result, they generate heat. And to pull heat away from the GPU, there are built-in fans on most high-performance video cards. In the market, you will also find high-performance video cards those are without fans. Instead of fans, these cards use heat syncs.

With the external ports on the graphics card you can also plug in additional monitor. Typically, there are "S-Video Out" port and a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port on a graphics card.

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