The Mosquito Ringtone - The Tone Adults Can't Hear

by Mike Collins - Date: 2007-01-22 - Word Count: 312 Share This!

Without a doubt, the mosquito ringtone is one of the most popular ringtones ever. Good luck trying to find a teenager who hasn't already downloaded the mosquito ringtone to his cell phone.

Why is it so popular?

Because it's silent. Well, not really. But it may as well be.

The mosquito ringtone operates at a frequency that can only be heard by people under the age of around twenty. Most people lose the ability to hear the sound once they reach their early twenties.

The sound was originally developed by a British company to repel teenagers from loitering near businesses. The goal was to reduce incidents of vandalism, violence, and harassment by driving teens away before they could cause trouble.

The plan was to play the loud and obnoxious tone to disrupt groups of teenagers up to no good without disturbing the entire community.

Who would have guessed that the same teenagers that were supposed to be repelled by the sound would actually start paying for it and using it as a ringtone?

Instead of running scared, teenagers have turned the tables and learned to use the technology for themselves. Sitting in a quiet classroom, a student can now receive calls or text messages in silence, while the teacher will be unable to hear the tone and won't have the slightest idea a phone even went off.

Of course, the other students can still hear the mosquito ringtone and some may complain since the sound is certainly not pleasant to those who can hear it. But all in all it appears that clever teens have found a way to not just get around this attempt to control them, but to use it to their advantage against unwitting adults.

This obviously wasn't the intention of the company that developed the mosquito ringtone, but give them credit for creating one of the most popular ringtones ever.

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