Film Cameras

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Film cameras are simple cameras, which could be used by all easily. People prefer to use film cameras over digital cameras because they are much simpler to use which could be easily operated by all. The debate, which is going on, is regarding the efficiency of film cameras over digital cameras and vice versa. Film cameras where the first of its kind which has been used since ages and has had a good reputation among all. They are the ones, which are of great use for almost all. All people from small children to aged ones are able to operate film camera very well without the help of anyone from outside.

The significance of camera is regarding its image quality, which has four major factors such as picture resolution, presence of grain/noise in the cameras, color quality and dynamic range of the image. Considering the resolution, which actually refers to the sharpness and visibility of the image, the film cameras are triumphant. These cameras have achieved the resolution ranking!

In relation to the noise or grain of the camera digital camera wins, as they are more sophisticated gadgets. Whereas while considering the dynamic range, the film cameras are preferred over digital ones because deliver much more perfect image while the digital cameras gets disturbed due to contrasting light and sometimes there occurs white highlights on the photo obtained. Technology is advancing to rectify these problems related to digital camera, hoping to achieve better quality very soon.

In case of color quality digital cameras are able to provide a sharper, clearer, colorful and brighter image when compared to that of the film cameras. This is because of the advancing technologies that play a major role.

A major draw back of film cameras are that they are much costlier as films are needed for using them and they have to be washed to get the photo in hand. On the other hand, digital cameras need no films and they only have an initial investment, as they are costly. But while using them they do not cost much, thus becoming affordable for all. Nowadays film cameras are just disappearing from the market, as they are use by the professionals alone. They have a better picture resolution that makes it still prevalent in the market.

Therefore it is to be noted that both digital cameras as well as the film cameras have their own advantages as well as disadvantages, which should be checked into before buying one.

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