Reciprocal Linking - How To Go About It?

by Brian Garvin - Date: 2008-05-22 - Word Count: 525 Share This!

For those having doubts on the activities of reciprocal linking, it is good news that reciprocal linking does work. In comparison to other linking strategies, you are able to argue on the ideals of link exchanges. It depends on the work procedure to create a powerful SEO approach with the help of link exchanges.

This article will provide you some important tips on how to go about successful link exchanges. However, some respected and talented internet marketers believe that reciprocal links are not good, and one way links are much better. Nevertheless, one of the best procedures of marketing your site to other webmasters is link exchanges.

At first, while you begin your search, always opt for the pages having Google PR equal, or greater, to your own for reciprocal links. As you follow this process, the quality of the reciprocal links is improved, and along with that, it improves on the whole accomplishment in search engines ranking.

You can see the improvement particularly in Google. As higher the Google PR rises, it adds more value to the link. Second, always exchange links only with the site that has a relation with your website through any source. Suppose, you are related to hardware business and you are linked with a website that deals with shoes - do not ever do that.

The website, with whom you are planning to exchange your site, needs to be contextually significant. If it is relevant then you are able to bring in extra points in the eyes major search engines. Third, always keep in mind that the affixed text which comprises your links must contain your keywords.

It seems to be a most important aspect of linking. Just have a look on the link to primary site which should be like Internet Marketing Secrets. If you design in this order, then it helps the search engines to know the exact keywords that you are optimizing.

When a person is able to search on your keywords, or keyword phrase, at that time it upgrades your search results. The fourth decisive factor is that there should not be more than hundred links in your links page.

Once you manage to keep the capacity of the links below hundred, then you are assured of not having any discredit in the valuation of your website, from the search engines judgment, and they cannot challenge it as SPAM. When your site includes more than one hundred links, which means you have created a small link directory. It is wise to build up categories, and assemble your links properly.

The fifth point is checking your associate webmaster's site so that you are sure enough of getting linking back from his/her website. It has been known from experiments that once links are exchanged with other websites, the very next day of exchanging, they removed the link back to the main website from where it was exchanged.

If you want to try it, you can do it anytime yourself, or use specialized software applications that will help you achieve it. You are entitled to get lots of options, and it does depend on your justification on reciprocal links, all you need to do is to check regularly.

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