Preventive and Maintenance Tips for Your PC

by Robert Desacada - Date: 2006-12-11 - Word Count: 259 Share This!

Personal Computer or PC is a very essential tool in our present lives. We can do so many things with this powerful machine. Store our important files and document, play our favorite music, watch movies, transact online business, shop online, chat with our friends and relatives anywhere in the world and a lot more. So it is a must for every Computer user to know some Preventive and Maintenance steps to prolong the life of our Computers.

Here are some Contributors to Computer Failure.
1. Excessive Temperature
2. Dust Build-up
3. Noise Interference
4. Power line problems
5. Corrosion
6. Magnetic Fields

How to counter the Effects of Heat:
Reset the socketed chips if intermittent failures occur
Keep the cooling vents clear
Keep the PC dust free inside and outside
Do your preventive and maintenance actions regularly
Install an external cooling fan if the system operation becomes intermittent

How to Counter the Effects of Dust:
Use dust covers
Keep windows closed
No smoking near your PC
No crumb producing foods
near the PC
No liquids on any equipment
Vacuum the system and the area weekly
Clean the monitor screen to avoid static.

How to Counter Noise Interference
Proper Grounding
Wiring Improvements (Shielding)
Avoid use of high power equipment.

Preventing Power Line Problems;
Use Isolators
Auxiliary or Back-Up UPS
How to Prevent Corrosion
Reset the chips periodically
Use emery cloth, rubber eraser or contact cleaner on contacts on motherboard and expansions.

Follow this steps and have a trouble free Computing and a lot of savings in your pocket.
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