Ease Your Back With Natural Pain Relief

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It is a well known fact that many of us suffer with back ache in various degrees from simple aches to very severe pain. When you consider that the whole of our skeleton frame is supported by our spine it is no wonder that the slightest movement out of place leads to great discomfort. It is in fact the second most common pain experienced by humans, after headaches.

For the relatively mild aches we can ease the pain with over the counter pain killers which make things a bit more bearable until the nerves or muscles heal themselves. However the most sever pain is extremely difficult to control and results in us not being able to sit or stand or even sleep comfortably.

Back pain is unfortunately very common in my family and I myself have resorted to regular visits to an osteopath to gain some relief. I sympathize with anyone who struggles daily with their pain. Luckily for me the problem seems to be one of posture. It could be the way I sit whilst working or even the position I sleep in, but I regularly wake to excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders which gradually works its way down the length of my spine. It is very painful and frequently prevents me from doing the most normal everyday things like loading the washing machine and vacuuming the carpets.

I have found that over time most painkillers seem to stop having much effect. Initially they will ease the pain slightly but it does not last until the next dose is due. It seems logical, therefore, to me to look at other ways of pain management that can ease the suffering for longer periods without surgery.

Natural pain remedies are becoming far more popular these days for obvious reasons. Exercise is most commonly suggested for those of us who have not been diagnosed with defects of the spine. Gentle exercise is excellent therapy if the pain is muscular, as it increases blood flow to the muscles and keeps the back supple. I have found that yoga, and regular massage can be excellent for this. Another treatment that I have not yet tried is acupuncture, though I do know of people that really benefit from it. I think it may be the needles that don't appeal to me!

Many people find that vitamin and mineral deficiencies are the cause of much back pain, the most common being vitamin B12, magnesium and vitamin D. All are available in health food shops and pharmacies and are worth trying as an alternative to prescribed medicines.

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Controlling back pain is for some a daily struggle, so I hope that you have found some of this article useful. If you would like to read more about easy natural pain relief that may be of benefit to you then you may find this ebook interesting.

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