Headaches - Distressing If Not Serious

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Headaches can be very distressing. They are a common symptom and many headaches are self-limiting anddo not represent anything too serious.

Many headaches have easily identifiable symptoms. These often fall into a pattern which can aid or point to the diagnosis. If you see a doctor her or she will take a full history including details of past problems, injuries, eye problems, sinus problems, dental difficulties, problems with the jaw, and the use of treatments. There may be a whole host of other things that your doctor will want to discuss with you.

A fact about headaches

Tension headaches are the most universal type of primary headache and are experienced by 90% of the adult population

Some headache information

Sinus headaches

Sinus headaches are common and are caused by sinus infection or some other irritation or pressure inside the sinus cavities of the head. They can cause long lasting mild to moderate headache symptoms.

Rebound headaches or analgesic headaches

Increased use or incorrect use of painkillers and other analgesics can lead to dependency, causing headaches when drug levels fall. Moreover, there is evidence that just using analgesics for a long time can lead to headaches even if they are not reduced

Did you know ...?

Glaring or flickering lights - changes in the weather and certain foods can set off migraine

Although headaches are not serious in the vast majority of cases, you should be aware of the symptoms and their associations and seek advice and help from your doctor if you are unsure about the nature of your pain or if anything unusual or worrying develops.

New advances for headache diagnosis and treatment are on the horizon and in some cases have already been made. For example, a new drug class-commonly called the "triptans"- has been marketed. These have proven very useful for migraine sufferers. Continued clinical research hopes to lead to the development of even further advances in therapy.

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