4 Tips To Lessen Pain Of Headaches

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If you always suffer from headaches for being cooped up in the office all day, you are not alone. Such headache is often accompanied by fatigue and tired eyes which is due more to the office environment than anything else. It makes you lose concentration and interest and you ended up feeling irritable and unproductive. But wait, before you start reaching for that painkiller tablet, try these 4 tips first and see if it helps.

1) More Fresh Air

Most office buildings are air-conditioned where supply of fresh air is poor. The air quality worsens with the chemicals released from the air-conditioning system, air fresheners, insecticides, pesticides and the pollutants already existing in the building. When we breathe in these harmful substances, it's no surprise that we have headaches.

The best way is to open the office windows regularly to let in fresh air, though this is near impossible in most high-rise office buildings. Alternatively, get out of the buildings at times for a breather. We can also help improve the air quality by installing air purifiers or/and filters and ensure regular cleaning and servicing of the air-con system in the offices.

2) Your Eyes Need to Breathe Too

If we overwork our eyes, it could lead to headaches too. This is because the muscles around our eyes get cramps which will stress the optic nerves connecting to our brain. Ideally, after every hour focus at the computer or the documents, we should try to look into a distance from a high place for 5 minutes to give our eyes a break.

If the problem persists, go for a checkup with your optometrist to find out if it is time you need a new pair of spectacles.

3) Mind Your Sitting Position

Many of us may not be aware that a poor sitting posture may hinder blood circulation, thereby causing headaches. As a rule of thumb, always keep the head aligned with the spine, and the wrists straight and aligned with the forearms. That's why our chairs are very important in giving us a good support for our backs to avoid slouching.

Avoid habits that could strain your muscles thereby causing headaches, e.g. we love to grip the phone between our shoulder and ear to talk on the phone while our hands are still on the keyboard. In the long run, we can develop headaches due to prolonged straining of the muscles.

4) Stress is the Killer

Stress, coupled with exhaustion & anxiety, could easily lead to headaches or tension in the neck muscles. Though this is mostly unavoidable in our fast-paced environment, we should somehow learn to "spread out" our stress. We can stop work awhile to crack a joke or two with colleagues, or to enjoy a ten minutes tea break at the pantry. Sometimes, a little distraction does us good.

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