Headaches - Prevention Worth Considering

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Headaches can be very distressing. They are a common symptom and many headaches are self-limiting anddo not represent anything too serious.

Headache appears to be the result of pain caused by problems and interference between the brain, blood vessels, and the nerves which surround them. It is not "pain in the brain" - contrary to popular belief - but such pain comes from the nerves which surround the skull, vessels, and muscles around the head. Headaches are poorly understood but the pain that the nerves send is what we term "headache."

A fact about headaches

A cluster headache is rare only affecting 0.1% of the population

Some headache information

Overuse of most acute medications can lead to increased incidence of headache also known as "rebound headache." Barbiturate hypnotics and opiates are effective in treating headache pain, but overuse of these agents may cause dependency.

Preventive medications are taken on a daily basis - they are taken BEFORE the headache comes. They are designed to avoid the headache developing in the first place. The kinds of medications used for headache prevention include:

" Beta-blockers
" Anticonvulsants
" Antidepressants
" Calcium antagonists
" Serotonergic agents
" Others under the direction of a physician

Did you know ...?

Glaring or flickering lights - changes in the weather and certain foods can set off migraine

Although headaches are not serious in the vast majority of cases, you should be aware of the symptoms and their associations and seek advice and help from your doctor if you are unsure about the nature of your pain or if anything unusual or worrying develops.

If you have regular or severe headaches it is important to see your doctor. He or she will be able to screen for other medical conditions. Only then will they be able to advise on therapy. This can include acute or preventative treatments. Rescue medications are used as a last resort when other things have failed.

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