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Pay per Clicking (PPC) advertising is a form of online marketing that drives targeted leads to your business. It refers to placing advertisement on web pages but only being charged when the ad is clicked and visitors are directed to your web site. It involves creating and placing ads in their positions on search engines results pages so any customers can see your ad when they type a word or phrase related to your business in to a search engine. The main goal of pay per click advertising is to get in front of searchers who are looking specifically for what you have to offer. When a person using the search engine enters one of the keywords in the search box, the ad pops up on the search results page as a sponsored ad.

To design a pay per click advertising the steps to be followed are: the first thing to do is to build a specific page to send the search traffic to, it is commonly known as landing page. Depending on the variety of keywords you are bidding, you can build several landing pages that address the specific needs of that searcher. The landing page does not sell any of your products it is just a key. You can sell it by offer a free resource, eBook, form of seminar or any other type of tutorial that is related to the products which you selling and it is effective form of selling. Whatever your free offer, it should be delivered by an email or RSS that usually allows you to stay in contact with the prospect and you should explicitly inform your prospects that they will also be receiving your email newsletters and blog updates.

Pay per click advertising works by first placing your ads on other websites, then placing other people ads on your site. Then you pay a certain amount for every ad on your website that is click. You also receive a certain amount for every ad on your site that is clicked. They click on your ad and go to a page on your web site where they are invited to take action such as making a purchase online or calling your toll free number .

Pay per Click advertising helps to put your company in front of people who are looking for your products also watch the results as your site traffic and most importantly qualified leads, grows your business.

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