The Great Search Engine Experiment Revisited Who is the Coolest Guy in the Universe

by Mike Makler - Date: 2006-11-14 - Word Count: 462 Share This!

A recent Search Engine Experiment Demonstrates how by combining Key Word Rich Web Pages and Blog Entries (for a Highly Targeted Keyword Phrases) with Article Submissions to Top Ranked Article Directories anyone can Dominant the First Page of the Search Results in the Big 3 Search Engines.

Recently the Author did a search engine Experiment where he decided to Brand Himself the Coolest guy in the Universe. A few interesting facts about this experiment Follow.

In Less then 24 Hours Yahoo had Ranked Mike Maker #1 for the Phrase Coolest Guy in the Universe. A Few hours later a Yahoo search on "Coolest Guy in the Universe" Showed that Mike Makler was no where to be seen.

Really wanting that Top Spot Mike decided to Kick it up a Notch so he created a few more Key word Rich web pages and a few More blog entries Pointing to these web Pages Success at last a #1 Spot in Yahoo and a #2 Spot in MSN was secured and maintained. Google was not as cooperative.  Google having a Slightly tougher Page Rank Algorithm was just not cooperating and a doing a Search on Coolest Guy in the Universe turned up a Big Blank for Mike Makler. He was no where to be seen in the first 5 Pages on Google.

Being a Head strong Person and really wanting a Top Ranking in Google, Mike Decided to kick it up yet another Notch. Mike submitted an Article detailing his search engine strategy to a few Article Directories. Within a Day or so of doing this Mike Makler had a Top Spot in Google for his Keyword Phrase The Coolest Guy in the Universe. (Actually it was Mike's Article on a Popular Article Submission Directory that had the Top Spot)

Success at last, Now if you type in Coolest Guy in the Universe in the Big 3 Search Engines (Google, MSN and Yahoo) Not only is Mike Makler #1, But Mike has a Majority of the Links on the First Page of results for these Search Engines.

Mike isn't Rejoicing just yet their appears to be a Lone Holdout. Ask Jeeves ( doesn't seem to be cooperating with Mike. At the time of this Writing Mike is only #3 in Ask Jeeves. According to Many Sources Ask Jeeves is the 4th Largest Independent Search Engines (That don't use the Big 3 For their Results).  It seems that Ask Jeeves is using a Tougher Algorithm to crack (at least for Mike) then the others.

The results of this experiment seem to point out that one of the Fastest ways to achieve and maintain a top Search engine Placement in the Big 3 is to combine Keyword Rich web pages with Targeted Article Submissions to High Page rank Article Sites.

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