Lego Star Wars Review Set 7749 Echo Base

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The Star Wars Lego set 7749 Echo Base, released in 2009, recreates the famous battle of Hoth as depicted in Star Wars Episode Five, The Empire Strikes Back. The ice planet was the scene for a dramatic confrontation between Imperial and rebel forces and included the memorable AT-AT attack. The 7749 set is an exclusive 10th Anniversary set, meaning it can be purchased from Lego Shop At Home online or through select

This small set, containing 155 pieces, is meant as an all encompassing battle back with figures from both sides as well as a trench, missile-firing defence turret and for the first time ever, a tauntaun. The tauntaun is famous for smelling bad on the inside as well as the outside and it's nice that Lego thought not to include this particular play feature in the model.

All the minifigures are well done, and the set comes with two snow troopers, two Hoth rebel troopers and a Han Solo in snow suit gear, similar to the figure from the 2nd Millennium Falcon (4504) released in 2004. The highlight of the set and the reason why this set will no doubt sell well is the first appearance of the tauntaun. It is a wonderful design and like most Lego versions of film characters, manages to be screen accurate and cute at the same time. A figure can ride in the saddle though the legs cannot be moved.

The actual playset segment of the set is fairly sparse. A simple ice trench is fairly small but effective in design with a very powerful figure-flinging battle action mechanism. It also has, what appear to be new 2X4 right angle flat pieces on the base of the trench which may attract ardent Lego builders. The defence turret comes with flick fire missiles, a seat for a trooper at the top and an internal storage area for a Hoth rebel trooper to fit inside.

Overall a small set with alot going for it and although slightly overpriced at $24.99 it has is highly playable and contains some attractive new pieces.

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