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For those interested in Hip Hop and the bling jewelry that goes with it, here is a general guide as to the type of jewelry worn and how to judge quality when making a purchase. Bling jewelry is usually made in silver or gold with cubic zirconia or diamonds. The term “bling” itself represents the shine and glitter coming from cubic zirconia or diamond stones.  The type of material used will be based on your financial profile as silver and cubic zirconia bling jewelry can cost as little as twenty dollars whereas gold and diamonds can easily cost thousands. Hip Hop bling jewelry consists of primarily pendants, chains and bracelets.  Before making a purchase you should know the general styles, sizes and thoughts usually associated with the mainstream of bling Hip Hop jewelry.


   Hip Hop bling pendants tend to fall into the categories of cross pendants, custom pendants or miscellaneous pendants. Generally, the size of a bling pendant is important because larger pendants are more flamboyant and represent a higher wealth status. Bling pendants are usually set with cubic zirconia or diamond stones and range in size from three to five inches in length. Bling cross pendants are popular due to their inherent representation of religion, an important part of the spiritual aspect of Hip Hop. Bling crosses are classically designed incorporating pointed ends with busy artwork.   


   Customized pendants are usually exclusive designs representing some aspect of one’s work or belief. They are worn primarily by those who can afford such commissions, namely musicians and actors. Unlike other types of bling jewelry almost all custom bling pendants feature real diamond stones. This is strictly a financial issue as those who can afford to pay for a customized bling pendant can also afford to buy real diamonds. Bling pendants also come in a variety of popular designs such as dog tags, spinning rims, crowns and microphones.


   In order to display your bling pendant jewelry you will need a bullet chain or necklace. Bling bullet chains come with or without stones. They range in thickness from five to nine millimeters and thirty to forty inches in length. It is important to have a long enough chain to allow for your pendant to hang down below your chest in true Hip Hop style. Stones can be colored white, yellow or blue. Bullet chain jewelry without stones is popular as well. Hip Hop jewelry collectors who want to avoid cubic zirconia or diamonds can wear a classic bullet chain where the links in the chain resemble bullets.


   Bling bracelets complete the Hip Hop jewelry look. Hip Hop bracelets, like pendants, are usually heavily laced with cubic zirconia or diamond stones. They usually run six to ten millimeters in thickness and eight to nine inches in length. They feature white, yellow and blue round or princess cut diamond or cubic zirconia stones. The heavier the bracelet, the shinier and more bling bling the stones, the higher your status will be as represented by the appearance of wealth. Often Hip Hop artists will flash their bracelets in videos and interviews making their financial success clear to viewers.


   Once you have chosen a design you must judge the quality of the merchandise. This is more difficult when purchasing online but can be done by knowing what questions to ask. Whether you buy silver or gold you must look for items that are solid and not plated. It is crucial that the merchandise in not plated, bonded or filled as you will tend to experience rust and chipping with this type of merchandise.  Bling jewelry that is under priced is often plated and not of good quality. In silver, .925 solid sterling is the highest quality available. In gold, be wary of anything less than 14K. Quality merchandise will be stamped with .925 for silver or 14K for gold indicating the authenticity of the materials. In addition, with both silver and gold you should look for merchandise that is rhodium coated. Rhodium provides extra shine and more importantly protection, preventing tarnish. The stones should be set evenly, securely fit and not discolored in any way. A warranty is also vital, especially for online shoppers who can only inspect the merchandise after they receive it. The weight and size should be verified personally as Hip Hop jewelry sellers will exaggerate knowing the importance of size and weight when it comes to Hip Hop style.


   Bling jewelry can be extremely fun and cool to wear. The variety of designs available continues to increase as Hip Hop grows. Use these guidelines to help in assuring that your purchase will be a quality one and that your <a href="">Hip Hop bling jewelry</a> will service you for years to come.

Derek Belay holds a BA in English Literature from Cal State Pomona. He writes part time primarily as a hobby. He currently works as a marketing manager for that specializes in <a href="">Hip Hop Silver jewelry</a>.

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