Honda Generator EB3800, For an Unfailing Power Stream

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Honda generator EB3800 is one of Honda's industrial generator models that is designed for construction use and is also ideal as a backup power supply at home.

The EB3800 model has a 4-stoke engine that yields unparalleled fuel efficiency. It operates incredibly quiet and practically smoke-free. There will be no hassle in mixing oil and gas, for this machine runs in regular gasoline. Honda generator EB3800 also has a hanger kit, which is used for lifting the unit with cranes to facilitate easier transport. Moreover, it has a two-wheel kit, which also permits trouble-free transport of the machine for commercial or home use. It is also equipped with an automatic voltage regulator that ensures a reliable and steady flow of power.

Other features of this brand of generator include electric ignition, circuit breakers, fuel meter, and automatic idle mode. In addition, it comes with an enduring one piece, welded frame along shatterproof standing legs. Also, it has a 120/240V switch for the preferred voltage output.

Honda is one of the most renowned makers of generators, having a complete line of models for consumer to commercial needs. Honda generators are also marked among the worlds quietest. Those designed for residential use yields an average of 64-68 decibels, and those specially designed to be noise-free only crop noise levels as low as 49 decibels, nearly just as the level of noise in private offices.

In a world where all is uncertain, it is wise to get your own generator now. Nothing is more annoying than an interrupted power supply, may it be at home or at office. And to be sure it's a good deal, get one from Honda.

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