Wool Pillows Provide Warmth And Comfort

by Guy Bodger - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 410 Share This!

Is your bedroom one of your favorite places? It's such a cozy and warm room, there's no place more relaxing and comfortable, the place where you can feel cozy and a great place to unwind. And most of us spend about a third of our day sleeping on our bed. It's important then that we maximise the comfort and warmth this part of our home provides. What about your pillows?

Many pillows tend to sag and shrink after a while as the feathers or other fillings in them give way under our weight. Thus you often find yourself having to 'fluff' them each day and sometimes even then they lose their firmness quickly. This can be very uncomfortable, not just for your head but also your neck. So why not try wool pillows?

Wool pillows provide maximum warmth and comfort for you. This is because they are very firm and have good 'loft', but this does not mean they will be too hard, as they have natural softness and flatten into an ideal supportive shape. They do not lose their shape, even when damp as wool is an excellent moisture absorber. Regardless of how much your bodyweight crushes it, wool will return to 95% of its original thickness.

Wool pillows are also 100% natural and can be extremely comfortable over a longer period than other pillows. This is because they have air pockets that can trap warmth and act as an insulator, keeping your head and neck warm and at an ideal temperature to suit your body.

Another feature of Wool pillows is their hypoallergenic properties. They are great for people who suffer with allergies, since wool is not a fertile breeding ground for dust mites, which are often causes of allergic reactions in humans. So wool pillows are a healthier option for you.

Finally, some wool pillows also contain herbal oils, which help to soothe and relax you as you drift off into sleep. These herbal oils are released gradually into the air, calming and relaxing your senses, with their delicate aromas enabling you to get a more restful and deeper night's sleep. So if you want to awake in the morning feeling truly refreshed, revitalised and relaxed you really should give wool pillows a try.

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Guy Bodger is a Director of White Cloud Trading Co Ltd based in Gloucestershire, UK. He is passionate about the natural qualities of wool and concentrates much of his efforts on 'sharing the light' about the benefits of wool products. http://whitecloudtrading.co.uk

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