Do it Yourself Concreting and Concrete Resurfacing

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There are many low-pressure crack injection kits which come with simple instructions so the homeowner can repair cracks in poured basement walls or retaining walls, gaps between walls and the ceiling and around pipe penetrations. Any homeowner can avail of these to repair cracks with professional results at a fraction of the cost.

Advantages of Concrete Crack Repair Kits

Modern concrete repair kits contain polyurethane foam, which fills even a 24-inch thick wall. The application is much relatively simple and mainly, the polyurethane foam remains flexible to allow for the natural movement of concrete. There are crack injection kits that seal both hairline and wide cracks, be it wet or dry ones and these require no drilling as the injection ports are glued on, offering a permanent solution.

These come with dual cartridges and a mixing nozzle to ensure precise mixing of the polyurethane polymers and a permanent seal. Standing apart from this option is the surface sealer and adhesive which is easy to peel and use: it can be peeled off together with the injection ports in one piece and is popular because it leaves a neat and clean concrete surface - no chiseling or grinding needed. This requires no hand mixing so is not messy at all.

How to Repair Concrete Cracks

Most high grade kits for concrete come equipped to deal with cracks up to 10 feet and all that is needed is nit rile gloves, safety glasses and a drop sheet with the skill to use a conventional caulking gun. Patience is required to ensure that the wall surface around the crack is clean, dust-free and dry and then gluing injection ports on top of the crack, before covering the crack with a layer of epoxy paste.

This takes about 4-5 hours to cure and then the injection of the polyurethane resin into the bottom injection port can be started. When the polymer starts coming out of the higher port, cap the port and move on to next the higher port until the whole crack is filled. The curing will take another 3 hours and then the injection ports can be knocked off.

Concrete resurfacing

Well, so your floor is damaged. Smile, you now have the opportunity of using concrete resurfacing to repair the damage and give a new look to your patio, your room or any other surface that will lead your friends to gasp with surprise and admiration.

Concrete resurfacing is the procedure used to repair any large or small damages suffered by pools decks, patios, and walkways. They can be completely restored with the help of concrete resurfacing, which is also popularly known as decorative concrete resurfacing.


This is a fairly simple procedure, which can be used by everyone if a few precautions are taken. The concrete to be resurfaced must first be freed from all dirt grime and oil.

Usually a mixture of acrylic resin, polymers, cement and colorant is used and shot onto the prepared surface. Usually it is hand finished to give the concrete that extra edge. This procedure can be used in burnt, cracked and broken and rough surfaces

Some other pros:

There are many ways in which concrete resurfacing can be brought about. Some of the most popular methods are acid stains, stamped textures, stenciled patterns etc. almost any design can shape under the creative mind of the designer. The dull cracked floor can transform right before your eyes in a marbled hall with Paneled floor and many brilliant geometric designs.

For those of you who are worried that the whole surface needs to be made new because of that small damaged area, there is some good news. Concrete resurfacing can be used only on the damaged portion. This can be done in a way that blends the new design with the old one. This will no doubt cut your expenses by at least 50%. Great huh?

Among its many other advantages, there is yet another important one. If a good agent does your concrete resurfacing then it will last in any extreme climatic conditions. Infact the type of furnishing will depend upon the climate in which your space is built. It usually takes about 3 to 4 days to resurface the area depending however also upon the size of the structure. The concrete is mostly long lasting and can last like new anywhere between five to ten years.

So if you have covered your cracked floor with carpet and pretend it does not exist, well, remove it and switch to resurfacing. This highly inexpensive and smashing way of making your room new as before is no joke. See your interior designs for new options and designs.

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