New Ideas for Wooden Decks

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Many people today prefer homes which provide space to lounge around and have a very casual and a very relaxed atmosphere. Hence most homes have decks and patios which are not exactly rooms in the traditional sense. The decks are open and have plenty of space which gives a very peaceful and laid-back feel to the place which what most people seek. Thus as the wooden decks get popular, so do the new ideas about the decks.

More about Wooden Decks

Wooden decks are the most popular form of decks which are built in the houses. These decks are easy to maintain and look beautiful. Wooden decks give a feeling of being down to earth and being one with nature. They are the perfect form of decks to have, especially if they are located near the garden or look out on the lawn.

People today prefer wooden decks for all purposes. Decks are great places to spend time with family and friends. It is also the place for an outdoor party or get-together for families and friends in the warm summer days. Wooden decks are also the preferred place for a quiet drink or as a favourite reading place. To enjoy the pleasant summer days and the breeze with a sweet smell of the wild flowers or the garden soil, there is no better place than a wooden deck.

Wooden decks can be built in several ways. There is a standard way of building wooden decks. However they can be built by adopting new and unique ways.

New Ideas for Wooden Decks

Wooden decks can be built using unique architectural styles, new ideas of decor and having a very unconventional look about the wooden decks. Wooden decks are normally made of simple treated wood. Instead decks can be made of different kinds of treated wood like red wood, cedar wood, rose wood, mahogany, walnut wood etc. Another feature which can be included is that the decks can have awnings or a roof for protection from the elements. They can be attached such that the awnings can be removed whenever required.

Decks can also be made to look interesting with unique planters and exotic kinds of plants. The decks can also have climbers and trellises. They can also have delicately carved railings and benches which are made of unique shapes and sizes. A deck can look more attractive if some sort of skirting is added. A real luxury touch can be given to the deck is a screened-in gazebo.

How to build a wood deck

After finishing up your deck design plans and assembling the necessary apparatus and supplies, step one of construction will begin, which is preparing the site. This step is essential if you'll be constructing the deck over an area that is currently grass-covered.

Once you get to know how large a rectangle you want the completed deck to occupy, quantify out this area and make marks on the ground to specify where the deck will lie. To make sure that your rectangle is true, measure crossways from corner to corner, both ways. Measure upper left to lower right, and upper right to lower left.

These measurements should be equal. Remove any grass or weeds from the measured area using a shovel, to shape your working space. Afterwards, before closing off this working space with decking, apply mulch over this space to restrain weeds.

Materials for wood deck

Some of the supplies from the hardware store, you will need to build a deck are likely to include the following materials. Flashing, Caulking compound, Pre-mixed concrete, Gravel or crushed stone, Cinder blocks, Post caps, Post bases, Seismic ties, Joist hangers, Cardboard tube concrete forms, Rebar.

If you want to use nails, use stainless steel or HDG nails. This can be either ring-shank nails or spiral-groove, for better holding power. But it would be preferable to use deck screws. Some of the other tools one might need for this deck project are follows. Shovel, Carpenter's level, Carpenter's square, Plumb bob, Wheelbarrow (for mixing concrete), Caulking gun, Drill, Wrench (to tighten lag screws), Hammer, Circular saw, Tape measure, Safety eyewear, Scrap lumber for bracing.

Final step

The final major step is wounding the decking boards themselves and screwing them to the tops of the joists. Totter the decking so that the seams don't all line up; the deck will not only be steadier structurally this way, but will also look superior.

If your deck will be elevated off the ground, building codes dictate adding a railing. By the way, an accepted substitute now to wood decking is composite decking. However, amalgamated materials still aren't as strong as good old wood, so composite decking must be support by wooden elements.


For those who want to build wooden decks or want to renovate present decks, there are a wide range of ideas which can be implemented to make the decks look gorgeous and be a stand-out feature of the house.

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