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Heating units or boilers that are installed in many houses in Britain this days are combi. The combis are also known as condensing combination boilers. This type of boiler is a combination of a gas central heating unit and a water heater. The building regulations in the United Kingdom require that any new boiler must have a high efficiency rating in regard to the reduction of any carbon emissions. All newly build homes and on any buildings that are already existing, must comply with these regulations. There some good benefits from these combi boilers.

Combis do not store or heat water for any domestic use. Instead, whenever the tap is activated, you will have a continuous amount of heated water. The traditional boilers were mainly used to heat the space store of heated water into a separate cylinder or tank. These combination boilers are less expensive than the traditional boilers because they are more easier to control or operate and also there are less parts to maintain and install.

There are several advantages to using the combi boiler than the traditional boiler. Because there are quite a few components with the traditional system that are never needed for the combi boiler, which makes them that more cheaper to put into place.

You will never need to have a separate tank for the storage of the heated water. This way you will not be heating up any water that you are not using. When you have a tank for the hot water storage, it will always be heating up the water, over and over again.

One good benefit that you get from the combi boiler heating system is that it will supply you with plenty of hot water which is heated to the temperature that is needed for hand washing, showering, washing dishes and other routine uses as well. When water comes from the main, it is heated, so this way there is no energy that is extended to heat up the tank that is full of stored water whenever you are showering. You will never be left with cold water, as all of the water in the tank will be emptied through the course a long shower.

You do not need to ever add a water pump to increase any water pressure, because all of the heated water is coming right from the shower from the force of the main source. As a result with the continuous hot water and good pressure, you will be able to enjoy a nice long hot shower when you want.

This combi boiler is not good for every home, but in most cases the benefits do out weigh the disadvantages quite well. Most users are very happy with the design of this boiler, as it will certainly save with its energy use. There are two complaints that are known among most users of this combi boiler.

When the weather becomes quite cold outside, the flow of hot water will be less. This is because it will take longer for the water to be heated up because of the weather is more colder than usual as it enters inside of the home.

The other complaint is when there are more than one person using the water during the same time. There is only so much supply of water that is going into the house. This means that you can not operate a dish washer and take a hot shower at the same time. Aside from that, the combi boiler heating system is still a very popular way of supplying your home with hot water. Northern Gas Heating - the UK's local supplier of new Central Heating Systems including Combi boilers.

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