Types of light bulbs

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There are several different types of light fixtures and usually these will vary based on the types of light bulbs you put in them.  Each separate light bulb has its benefits and disadvantages, so you should research them thoroughly before you make your final decision.

The two types of light bulbs that you're most likely to use in a home are incandescent bulbs and occasionally fluorescent.  These bulbs work in entirely different ways.  The incandescent bulbs will not last as long as the other bulbs, but they are less hazardous, are easiest to dispose of when they have burned out, and are less likely to cause a fire.

Incandescent bulbs consist of a filament of tungsten inside of a glass bulb.  The bulb can be frosted or clear, depending on the bulb.  The tungsten is heated until it glows white, and that is where the white incandescent bulbs come from.  While the tungsten is glowing, parts of it are actually burning off.  As a result, after a while, the filament will break, and a new bulb will be needed.

Fluorescent bulbs are tubes with gas in them.  Usually the gasses used are argon and mercury.  The electricity will cause UV-rays inside of the glass tube, which will then hit a coating of phosphorous and cause light.  Originally, there were only the tube-style fluorescent bulbs, and you required a separate light fixture to install them.  Now, however, you can also purchase fluorescent bulbs that have the tube coiled up into a size and shape that is similar to the incandescent bulb.  These will last much longer, but make sure that you dispose of them properly when they do burn out.

Halogen bulbs are very similar to incandescent bulbs, but they are designed to preserve the filament of tungsten.  As a result, they have a much smaller glass bulb around the filament and have a tendency to get much hotter.  Therefore, halogen bulbs are rarely used in the same places as regular incandescent bulbs since they could be a potential fire hazard.

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