Kegel8 Ultra Review

by Suzanne Barrett - Date: 2009-10-01 - Word Count: 296 Share This!

The Kegel8 Ultra is one of the newer pelvic floor toner devices from the Kegel8 range. There are 2 versions of the device, the standard version and the "Ultra Plus". The Kegel8 Ultra Plus is identical to the standard version in all respects other than it is supplied with a wider vaginal probe as well as the regular sized one which comes as standard on most of the devices.

The Kegel8 range was launched in 2007 and coverage about urinary incontinenc has help break down the taboos previously associated with this problem. These devices are simple to use and give reliable results when used as recommended.

When doing the Kegel8 Ultra review, I have looked at how the device compares to the other models in the range.

Ostensibly, the toners all look similar, with an attractive appearance in white and pastel colours. The slightly older Kegel8 Tight and Tone models feature 9 programs. The Kegel8 Ultra has 14 programs to suit all levels of stress and urge incontinence and the Ultra Plus, of course, has the wider probe which is great for women who have had children vaginally or for those who simply feel that their pelvic floor muscles are particularly loose.

In reality, many women are highly satisfied with the standard Kegel8 models but some choose the slightly more expensive Ultra or the Kegel8 Ultra Plus due to the extra 5 programs or, in the case of the Ultra Plus, the wider probe.

The majority of women report that they notice a slight improvement within a couple of weeks of using the device for a 10 minute session twice daily and a marked improvement between 4-6 weeks. Most women then report a dramatic improvement at around the 6 month mark and regular use is recommended to maintain tightness.

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