Outodor Kids Activities That Will Keep Them Occupied for Hours

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There are many benefits to encouraging your child to engage in an outdoor kid activity. Any outdoor kid activity, whether it is just playing outside or engaging in a sport can be beneficial. There are so many activities that you can do with your child, from riding a bike to bird watching to rock hounding so you can make it a family activity.

Play Outside

Whether you are hiking on a trail or just hanging out in the back yard, you can create a fun outdoor kid activity and even learn something along the way. Get a book on plants and learn the names of various plants and trees as you go along. Bring along a camera and take photos of the plants that you identify so that you can make a scrapbook. In your scrapbook add an information sheet from research that you do in books or on the web.


This is a fun outdoor kid activity that you can do just about anywhere. Even if you can't go somewhere to camp, you can pitch a tent in the backyard to create an ambiance. Get a survival book and learn about various survival techniques. Learn how to identify poisonous plants. Create various scenarios and discuss what you would do in each situation, such as lost in the forest, trapped on a deserted island or stuck in the mountains.

Star Light Star Bright

Get a map of the constellations and take a walk outside to look at the sky. Learn how to identify various planets and constellations and talk about the history behind them. This is an outdoor kid activity that the whole family can enjoy. This outdoor kid activity can also take you indoors to the library so that you can learn about the solar system and stars. You may even want to invest in a telescope to get an even better look at the stars above you.

How does Your Garden Grow?

Gardening is an outdoor kid activity that can teach your child how to grow their own food, the responsibility of caring for a garden and the rewards of seeing plants grow as you care for them. You may want to start small with window boxes or containers and then graduate to turning up ground for a garden. Your child will learn how to weed the garden, dig and plant. You will need some flexibility for this outdoor kid activity because it may turn into an excursion to dig to China or an expedition to locate earthworms.

Pick Your own Fruit

This is outdoor fun for the entire family. Although it is seasonal, it can be a lot of fun. Find places where you can pick your own berries, such as blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. There are also places where you can pick apples, peaches and pears. The whole family can get in on this outdoor kid activity. Pick a little, eat a little and go home and make a delicious blueberry cobbler! This outdoor kid activity will not only provide tons of fun, it will also create precious memories.

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