Play Equipment-Get Kids Outside and Off the PlayStation!

by Kelly Nickless - Date: 2007-04-29 - Word Count: 344 Share This!

Today’s play equipment allows you to create a safe and happy play environment in your own garden or backyard, with toys that kids both big and small love playing with.


A gym set offers many of the features of play that kids just love, such as sliding, swinging and climbing!


Trampolines and Gym sets offer kids hours and hours of fun and games, while also not contributing to climate change which is a big concern for today’s generation and the next.

With child safety and protection also a major problem in most countries, a gym set or trampoline in the backyard is a safe alternative to letting kids play out on the street or at the local park.


Most play equipment available today offers the following features,


Brackets that keep little fingers out of harms way.Double strength, double sleeved steel leg tops for strength and durability.Galvanised and powder coated steel for long life.Plastic mouldings that have been UV  Treated to improve outdoor product lifeManufactured to tough quality specifications and safety standards.


Play equipment products are designed for children mainly aged from 3 to 9 years and weighing no more than 34kg.


When selecting play equipment products for your children, please note that there is a recommended minimum 2m distance that should be kept from any unit to any other objects or structures in the yard.


All of the elements of any particular unit can be used at the one time provided that each child using the unit weighs no more than 34kg.


One example of a play equipment gym set that is available includes a Glide Swing, Safari Swing, Treetop Trapeze, Boat Swing, plus an extra Junior Jungle Swing.


A complete range of accessories is available for most play equipment gym sets such as a Free Standing Slides Climber Vines and a Liana Ladder, to name just a few.


Trampolines and Trampolining equipment is also available, which includes a full range of safety net trampolines and standard trampolines, which are compliant to  new Australian safety standards and many other countries overseas such as the UK.

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